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About Bison Filters
Bison Filters is an Australian owned and operated company, based in Adelaide, South Australia and provide a broad range of filtration products for the HVAC-R industries. As the trend continues for clean air and better flow we are constantly researching and expanding the range of products to meet industry demand. Constant R & D, best practice manufacturing and fine filtration technologies provide the foundation for improved air quality and better environments. We are a friendly team committed to providing Air-Conditioning Companies and Mechanical Contractors with outstanding service and great products.
Company Name
The name Bison Filters was inspired by the North American bison which has a thick fur to protect it from the harsh elements of the American Plains. Their winter coat is so thick and well insulated that snow can cover their back without the snow melting.  Consequently Bison Filters supply products that are strong, protective and enduring.
Our Mission
To provide outstanding service and innovative air filter products to Airconditioning Companies and Mechanical Contractors.
Our Vision
To be Australia's preferred air filtration supplier in the HVAC-R market. 
Core Values
  • QUALITY - supply premium grade durable products that meet global standards.
  • SERVICE - provide fast response and short delivery times.
  • ETHICAL - stand by our products and services.
  • INNOVATIVE - continually develop new products and processes to meet the needs of our customers.
  • DYNAMIC - a company that is constantly changing, updating and refining.
Bison filtration products meet European standard; EN779:2012 (G2-G4 and M5-F9) and EN1822 (E10-H14). Bison Filters is committed to providing quality products that meet or exceed global industry standards. Air filtration may appear simple but is in fact a highly complex science. Bison Filters mandate is to supply filters and filter media with low air resistance and high filter efficiency to provide reduced energy costs and improved air quality. We have a complete range of filtration products including pleated filters with cardboard frames, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel frame, flat media filters, bag filters, deep bed filters, filter medium, compact filters, rigid box filters, HEPA filters and units, activated carbon filters, holding frames, clips, belts, filter boxes, access doors and panels and other related accessories.
Orders can be placed via Phone, Fax, Email or Online.
Trading hours: 7.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Contact Information
Bison Filters Pty Ltd
13 Phillips St, Thebarton,
South Australia 5031
Ph: (08) 8416 7755 | Fax: (08) 8416 7745
Email: [email protected]
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